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Don Sears | Posted October 8th, 2019
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What does it take to go out on your own and start a metalworking business? For Dynamic Machining, it’s all about knowing the fundamentals of making things and having experienced business partners you can trust.Starting a CNC machine shop is a risky endeavor. But with the right attitude, confidence and part-making experience, Dynamic Machining is proving that starting out small and earning trust from customers pays dividends.

In our profile of this Salt Lake City-based machine shop, we get to know its two founders and their drive to be their own bosses.

Dynamic Machining was selected by Better MRO after it participated in a ‘Show Off Your Shop’ sweepstakes on social media this past summer. The veteran-owned company is another strong example of a small job shop that has only been in business over the past few years.

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